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Moscow (Moskva) (Russian: Москва́, romanised: Moskva) is the capital of Russia and the country’s economic, financial, educational and transportation center. It is located on the Moskva River in the Central Federal District, in the European part of Russia. Moscow is the largest city in Europe which population constitutes about 7% of the total Russian population. Historically, it was the capital of the former Soviet Union and the Grand Duchy of Moscow, the pre-Imperial Russian state.

The center of the city is the site of the Red Square[] and the Kremlin, the latter of which now serves as the ceremonial residence of the President of Russia.

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  • Smolenskaya ulitsa, 7, Юрий А. (guest) wrote 6 months ago:
    Дом МинУглеПрома Союза. Первые жильцы въехали 1марта 1974 г.
  • Mountain Skiing Zone, o2011 wrote 7 months ago:
    Правильный адрес:
  • The singing field, Samat wrote 7 months ago:
    Сооружение используется по назначению два раза в год.
  • Park of Arts, Nedim (guest) wrote 8 months ago:
    I was there so many times. Beautiful place.
  • Detsky Mir (Children's World), Nedim (guest) wrote 8 months ago:
    I was there so many times when I used to live in Moscow.
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