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Moscow recent comments:

  • School 1255, lamarck (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    it used to have a different number, i reckon. number 31 maybe?
  • Корпус № 1 и № 2 Московского политехнического университета, _ (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    столовки нет ничего нет.
  • School 1255, Nasty (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
  • A submarine with a museum inside., Alex (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    But significant queue in weekend. Museum cycle 1 hour, 2 cycles to wait.
  • Swimming pool, Серый (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    прекрасный бассейн. ходил туда один раз, очень понравилась чистая прозрачная вода, много зелени и плитка.
  • Банк «Абсолют» – центральное отделение, tonight (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    Много дорогущих машин стоит вокруг. Хороший банк :)
  • Education center – secondary school No.825, Littlemouce (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    а окна моего дома выходят прямо на неё)))
  • State Courier Service of the Russian Federation, muhran wrote 17 years ago:
    Государственная Фельдъегерская Служба Российской Федерации
  • ulitsa Akademika Bakuleva, 20, Алексей (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    Тут я учился с 2000 по 2005 год
  • Пионерлагерь «Солнечный», X-Ela (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    Когда-то я в нём отдыхал, а назывался он "Солнечный". Пионерский лагерь от ГОСПЛАНА.
  • Barrikadnaya Metro Station, илья (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    каждый день от метро до 91 и обратно грррр!!
  • Capital Plaza, Марина Гринь (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    Центральный офис компании «Юнилевер»
  • Nabatnaya Tower, anikss (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    Nabatnaya The Nabatnaya Tower (Набатная башня in Russian) is a tower in the southeastern section of the Kremlin wall, built in 1495. It is 38 m in height. Traditionally, there has always been a bell on top of the Nabatnaya Tower, used for notifying citizens of fires and other misfortunes in the Kremlin or on the Red Square (hence, the name Nabatnaya, which derives from the old Russian word набат - nabat, or "alarm"). In 1680, a bellmaker Feodor Dmitriev cast the so-called Nabatny bell (alarm bell) weighing 150 poods (2.45 metric tons) and installed it on the tower. The bell subsequently broke and was re-cast by Ivan Motorin on July 30, 1714. The sound from this bell served as a signal for the spontaneous uprising of the Muscovites during the plague outbreak in 1771, which would later be called the Plague Riot (Чумной бунт). By the order of Catherine the Great, the tongue of the bell was removed after this incident. The tongueless bell remained on top of the tower for 30 more years. In the early 19th century, it was removed and transferred to the Arsenal. In 1821, the bell was moved to the Armoury, where it remains to this day in the vestibule. (c) wikipedia
  • Nabatnaya Tower, anikss (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    People! You are wrong. This tower is relatively big and called "Nabatnaya" (Набатная башня) ("Alarm bell tower", in brutal word translation). I had created small rectangle a little upper this tower - and it is real "Tsarskaya" tower, very small, and based directly on wall. That is wikipedia link for "Nabatnaya" tower: Sorry for my bad english. Но по-русски тут попросили не писать. anikss
  • Sportmaster, Цыган Микки (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    Кстати здесь же ресторан A-Zone ("ПивКо")
  • Clock tower, Ру (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    А иногда раблтают
  • Trade center, Igor_S wrote 17 years ago:
    А ещё раньше здесь была то-ли лесопилка, то-ли склад.
  • St. Basil's Cathedral, Gist (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    It's a VERY beautiful cathedral!!!
  • Leningradsky Terminal (1849), Jasmine (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    I love Trains!!!
  • Education center – secondary school No.825, Мася (guest) wrote 17 years ago:
    моя бывшая школа!